As I am a Liverpool lady I thought it only appropriate to discuss Ladies Day and the ramifications surrounding the Grand National each year. As people know Liverpool ladies are very fashion forward, they are gorgeously brave in their choices and always want to be seen as the most fashionable women – I am biased but I definitely believe we are!

The reason for this post is mainly due to how the press perceive, criticise, judge and cover Ladies Day which is completely disgraceful and unacceptable. Although news coverage is exciting surrounding the build up to the actual race, I am always shocked at the bad coverage women get with regards to their outfits and behaviour. Of course, I am not suggesting us women are angels when it comes to racing and having a day out, of course there is going to be alcohol involved, of course heels are going to be coming off, inevitably women will be sitting on the floor and yes, heaven forbid we get a bit rowdy after a drink. But… SO WHAT!

I hate the fact that Ladies Day becomes a day of judgement purely through how another woman is dressed. For instance, I have been glued to the Liverpool Echo app awaiting to see who the Best Dressed was – Faith Amond this year who looked incredible in tones of red and pink set off with a handmade hat she created herself and beautiful gloves.


Faith Amond Ladies Day Best Dressed Winner


However, one image on the Mirror focussed on the fact there were a hen party as ‘one of the first through the doors’. I didn’t necessarily see the relevance with focussing on a hen party being at the races. After all it is a day, dedicated to women who want to enjoy themselves, I am sure that’s what Hen Parities are for…

I have also found it quite interesting that the Mirror article on a mobile site is very different to that on the computer.  The headline is, ‘Grand National 2017: Ladies Day Racegoers get rowdy as revellers party hard into the afternoon’. Again… what’s the relevance? Evidently the reporters, Richard Wheatstone and Patrick Lion have never been to an event where ladies drink. And heaven forbid it is in the afternoon *shock horror*.

Out of the selected images they have chosen to show at least 70% of them have a picture of a woman holding a beverage and a caption along the lines of, ‘A lady sits on stairs guzzling from a bottle during Ladies Day at Aintree’ – the bottle seems to be a prosecco. Another image of a lady drinking with the caption ‘Plenty of attendees were seen downing bubbly’. Another image of a lady with a low cut dress on saying, ‘Some of the dress choices dared to bare plenty as the fashions stood out as Ladies Day’. I could go on but then I think why give these people the airtime!

An article in The Telegraph by Claire Coven‘The women of Aintree Ladies Day 2017 – as they want to be seen’. This article uses a simple #LadiesDay search to look at how these women have been photographing themselves. I think this is a better way of showing images of the women because they are being natural (okay maybe not the selfies) and they are enjoying themselves and in a comfortable environment. They are not being snapped at the most vulnerable or exposed just for the internet to poke fun of them.


Screenshot 2017-04-07 19.30.51.png
Image of the women at Aintree from instagram


An image was circulated of a lady fixing the strap on her shoe, as a result her dress had rode up and you could see her bottom. I think that this is completely unnecessary to show. The lady was in an unfortunate position and clearly was unaware that she was being pictured and how she (and her bottom) are all over newspapers. Where’s the privacy? The sympathy? Or even the morality of the photographer?

I am shocked to think that women are still judged purely by their outfits and how they behave on a night (or afternoon) out. I am guilty in that I enjoy seeing the fashion on Ladies Day but I don’t judge the women. Many of the women save up all year to go to Ladies Day and enjoy themselves, they spend hundreds on getting their outfits, makeup and hair done so the press should look at that rather than judge behaviour and dresses.

What we should celebrate is the impact of the Grand National and how Liverpool supports the event every year as well as all the gorgeous woman and their hats and outfits!

Image result for grand national horses 2017


1 thought on “#LadiesDay”

  1. As always you are eloquent and to the point. An excellent article that proves there are people who look for the negative in every situation and the fact that it is 2017 not 1917 is insignificant. The simple fact is the ladies have worked hard for the day and I think we should really change the record and realise they have just as much right to party ,dress and act as they wish. Sue

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