Coming Out Exhibtion

Another busy couple of weeks! I am struggling with the pace of keeping all my plates spinning and working to those deadlines!

Anyway, I had to opportunity to attend the opening of Coming Out: Sexuality, Gender and Identity at the Liverpool Walker Art Gallery. It has prided itself on bringing together a diverse collection of modern art from artists such as Steve McQueen, David Hockney and Sarah Lucas amongst others, to celebrate 50 years of the partially decriminalisation of homosexuality in England.


peter getting out
Peter Getting out of Nick’s Pool, David Hockney, 1966


Now, I have to be completely honest, modern art is definitely NOT my thing! I am more of a portrait kind of viewer and want them to be of Tudor period dress – I tend to be drawn to art by how sparkly the jewels look and how realistic the fabric is!

The other concern I had with it was… WHERE ARE THE LESBIANS? or the women in general? I do appreciate it was the remember the 50 years of decriminalisation act, but I lost a little but of the inclusive understanding of LGBT+ identities. There was also a lot of nakedness at the exhibition, if it wasn’t naked men is was close up on genitals. Again, something I am not overly interested in. At one stage I walked into a silent video of two (very attractive) men fighting … nude. It was just a close up shot of their penis’s. Now, to be that isn’t really art – but who am I to judge!

However, I will maintain that there was a fantastic section in the middle of the exhibition which seemed to be a creative space for people to relax, colour, chill out and do some extra reading (albeit from a very homosexual based library). I thought this was a fantastic use of space and would have been friendly enough for children to enjoy and relax whilst parents were enjoying the art around the exhibition. It was also a great space for me to just chill out and engage with all the information in the room!

As I have mentioned I am not very into modern art, however, I just loved this image (below). The more I look at it, the more I enjoy the colours and think it is potentially saying women should be who they want to be… although this could be completely incorrect!


Women of the World Unite, you have nothing to loose but Cheese Cake


This exhibition is definitely worth a visit! It will pass away an hour or so over this, not so summery Summer! I also got my tarot cards read by these amazing guy! They were not your usual tarot cards because I did draw the ‘webcam’ card and ‘viagra’ card, but he was a fantastic reader and I really connected with the information I heard! The main thing that came out of the conversation was that I need to have more fun and I need to have a break – needless to say my holiday is fast approaching!



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