Word of the Day?

I have been super busy these last few months – hence the lack of posts.

I have spoken as several different LGBT+ conferences, most notably the Outing the Past Conference in March 2018 as well as delivering talks at LGBT hubs as part of LGBT History Month. I have also had my first official PhD chapter due in, which now means there will be no time for myself as I churn out 80,000 words of my research between now and next July – a daunting task I think but I am going to write a post on overcoming this and hopefully support others in my situation!

Anyway, the reason for this post is to share some incite into a new term that I have been developing.


word of the day
Taken from Grandma Ideas


The term I have defined is ‘Heterociscentric’. 

‘Hetero’ meaning ‘heterosexual’

‘Cis’ meaning ‘cisgender’

‘Centric’ meaning ‘focussed’ or ‘central’

*Disclaimer* These views are my own and are my own observations of the world I am in, I do not advocate and exclusive heterosexual, cisgendered world

So, despite there being some fantastic steps forward and progressions with understanding gender, engaging with terminology and allowing individuals to express themselves, I feel as though there is still an ideal that society wants to practice and wants people to follow.

This ideal I believe its a heterociscentric model. By this I am referring to the model of a family consisting of 2.4 children, with one mother and one father. With children being full siblings to one another. With mother and father engaging in a monogamous and heterosexual relationship. Mot significantly, there is still an idealised view that a cisgendered individuals is the most convenient and that children are being born and living as the gender that best correlates with their genitalia. Let’s face it, there are still people who define gender by what is between a person’s legs.

The new craze that is seemingly sweeping the British nation is ‘Gender Reveal Parties’. No no no no noooooooo!!! You are not revealing the babies gender, you are revealing whether or not the child has a penis or a vagina, and this biological appendage does not define who that child is or how they are supposed to behave.


This really does take the … *cake*  Sugar Plate Bakery


Iechot is things like this that make me believe that we are not as far and as developed as we like to think. In my local newspaper a white, heterosexual man has just been freed from court because he ‘broke down in tears’ in the dock. This same man also hurled racial abuse at a doorman and homophobia abuse at a young man before chasing him into a club where the accused used to work. Yet because he showed his vulnerability and the judge bought it, he is allowed to stay in this city and continue his job as a bouncer. I personally don’t think I would feel safe knowing that he was outside apparently ‘manning’ the door.

Yet it is stories like these where individuals are practicing their heterociscentric views resulting in homophobic, transphobic and racial abuse or attacks around the country. Although there has been some progress made over the last couple of years specifically, there is still a very long way to go.


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