I am a first year PhD student at Liverpool John Moores University where I was awarded a First Class degree in my History and English Joint Honours undergraduate (2015) and a Distinction in MRes in Modern History (2016) – obviously I have become quite the home bird!

The idea of this site is to get my research in the public sphere and I am really interested in having some feedback and discussions about that work. I suppose it may be helpful that you know what exactly I am studying! My research is an extension of both my undergraduate and MRes dissertation and looks at gender performativity and gender passing in the nineteenth century.

In particular I explore the lives of female to male gender passing individuals and engage with how they embodied all aspects of masculine life including their physical appearance, relationships with women and obtaining traditional masculine employment (building, dock work, Groom, bricklayer etc.) Using newspaper articles and locating them in census records, prison and court records I want to uncover the lives of these individuals and consider their relationships with their friends, colleagues and wives as well as how they were seen within their community.

Hopefully this site will be a great forum for chat and discussion and if not, just some enjoyment for readers like me! Oh and I will guarantee there will be article discussions and book reviews, so it won’t all be about me … promise!