Benefit Societies and James Allen

You may remember a few posts ago one about James Allen, one of my first female husbands that I researched? This post looks at following up on his story and researching about nineteenth century Benefit Societies. Ease Mackenzie’s work from 1827 looks at Benefit Societies in Newcastle and Gateshead. I have been unable to find… Continue reading Benefit Societies and James Allen


Too many Definitions?

Biology, Sex, Gender... What's the difference? I have been interested in engaging with the body and gender identity since my undergraduate research and the beginnings of my career in academia. What is most striking is that, gender, biology and sex all must be treated independently of one another. Why? The main reason is that there… Continue reading Too many Definitions?


First British Library Visit… Check!

I have just came back from my first official trip to the British Library in London (on my own) and accessed some materials. All a bit confusing, especially all the different reading rooms, but I am sure I will get the hang of it! Also,who knew there were so many microfilm machines? Just as I have… Continue reading First British Library Visit… Check!