Word of the Day?

I have been super busy these last few months - hence the lack of posts. I have spoken as several different LGBT+ conferences, most notably the Outing the Past Conference in March 2018 as well as delivering talks at LGBT hubs as part of LGBT History Month. I have also had my first official PhD… Continue reading Word of the Day?


Lynda Nead’s Victorian Babylon

I have been reading Lynda Nead's Victorian Babylon after a supervisory team recommendation before Spring Break. I will be honest, I am not a huge fan (I enjoyed Seth Koven's Slumming much better), but it has transported me back to my third year Victorian Cities module without a doubt! I chose to complete my essay… Continue reading Lynda Nead’s Victorian Babylon


Benefit Societies and James Allen

You may remember a few posts ago one about James Allen, one of my first female husbands that I researched? This post looks at following up on his story and researching about nineteenth century Benefit Societies. Ease Mackenzie’s work from 1827 looks at Benefit Societies in Newcastle and Gateshead. I have been unable to find… Continue reading Benefit Societies and James Allen