Benefit Societies and James Allen

You may remember a few posts ago one about James Allen, one of my first female husbands that I researched? This post looks at following up on his story and researching about nineteenth century Benefit Societies. Ease Mackenzie’s work from 1827 looks at Benefit Societies in Newcastle and Gateshead. I have been unable to find… Continue reading Benefit Societies and James Allen



I was watching Newsnight last night and one of the stories really gripped, shocked and dumfounded me. There was a woman named Rachel Dolezal who has been a black rights movement activist and campaigner and an Africana Studies teacher and has self-identified as black. June 2015 sparked outrage for Rachel when she was interviewed as… Continue reading Transracialism?


Sexing the Past What is and How to Do LGBT History

Just too many labels? As you may know February marks LGBT History Month with various hubs and events being set up around the country including Manchester, Liverpool and Brighton amongst others. Similarly, the beginning of March marks an annual conference in conjunction with Schools Out called Sexing the Past. Each year has a theme and… Continue reading Sexing the Past What is and How to Do LGBT History