Benefit Societies and James Allen

You may remember a few posts ago one about James Allen, one of my first female husbands that I researched? This post looks at following up on his story and researching about nineteenth century Benefit Societies. Ease Mackenzie’s work from 1827 looks at Benefit Societies in Newcastle and Gateshead. I have been unable to find… Continue reading Benefit Societies and James Allen


‘Fuck it or Fight it’

Today I attended the Sex Appearance and Gender Identity workshop at my university led by Dr Stenton Mackenzie (LJMU) and Dr Pieta Schofield (University of Dundee). The workshop was underpinned by a quote from Kate Bolstein's, 'just don't be mean', when meeting, working with, engaging with or socialising with anyone from the trans* umbrella. This is an extensive… Continue reading ‘Fuck it or Fight it’