John Merrick.

This week I have been researching freakshows, sideshows and onstage performance in the nineteenth century. I have read a fascinating article by Nadja Durbach that investigates John Merrick's life.(1) It specifically looks at the relationship between freakshows and science/medicine. Although I initially did not consider that there was a relationship between the pair, by the… Continue reading John Merrick.


Albert Nobbs

Last week I visited the Greater Manchester Police Museum - definitely worth a trip if you have not been already, it was fantastic! I went in search of my beloved Harry Stokes and some information about Special Constables in Manchester which he was a part of. I spoke to the curator who took me to… Continue reading Albert Nobbs


Lynda Nead’s Victorian Babylon

I have been reading Lynda Nead's Victorian Babylon after a supervisory team recommendation before Spring Break. I will be honest, I am not a huge fan (I enjoyed Seth Koven's Slumming much better), but it has transported me back to my third year Victorian Cities module without a doubt! I chose to complete my essay… Continue reading Lynda Nead’s Victorian Babylon